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SandBox Patch V1.1 Download
Babylon 5 Mod
2017-07-03 at 3:20 PM - SAVOTW
It's been quite a while, but here is an update for the Sandbox version of the mod.
So it takes the Sandbox V1.0 to V1.1

Please post any NEW issues on the B5X3TCSandbox V1.0 section of the forum under 'Bugs and issues reporting' on this web site(as seen below for fixes).

Download the link at the bottom then READ the instructions found in the package before doing anything else.

Restart required (fresh game start)...sorry :/

It doesn't fix everything, you can find a list of what it fixes and doesn't here....

Link: Patch V1.1

Better late than never.
Babylon 5 Mod
2016-06-26 at 8:04 PM - Amras
To be honest, I never thought I would say this, but we have done it.

It is not what I had in mind when I started working on this mod, but we have done a really nice job I think. Sure some stuff is still missing and a few things aren't as good as we wanted them to be. But the hell with it.

You have waited so long. Some of you have been very patient, some very helpful and some where just a pain in the arse. But we have kept working on it for all of you. And now you should try it.
We might add a few things over time and probably have to fix bugs.
But if anyone wants to have more missions or a story... well, you now have all you need to script them yourself. Now you can be the ones working on this mod.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this. We had lots of 3D modellers, coders, Xell, who gave us this webspace and even Asprin, a composer, who made great new B5 music for the mod.
I, Amras, want to especially thank Savotw. Without him, nothing would have been done. Nearly no ships would be ingame, no map, no scripts,... and I could go on and on. He worked pretty much alone on this mod the last few months because all I can do is making new ship models and pretty pictures. And thanks to SpuddyMCFuddy, for the work he did and the support he gave us after that.

I learned so much while working on this mod. And I have met some wonderful people through it. Two of them I would even call my best friends today.

We really hope you like what we have done! Be nice if something isn't working in this version or if you don't like something. Remember how much time of our lives we have spent on this. And that we took nothing for it.

Never give up your dreams!

Please!! read the comments section (instructions) as you download and BEFORE you install!!
And now, just click the link below.
Link: Babylon 5 Total Conversion

Very close
Babylon 5 Mod
2016-04-08 at 3:00 PM - Amras

Hi there!
If there are still people who don't follow us on facebook... well, yes we are still working on the mod.
In fact we are very close to a final test before we can release the first proper version of this mod.

It will happen in the next 2 months, that is, if no one gets sick or disappears with no reason... All happened before.

Babylon 5 Mod
2015-01-22 at 5:56 PM - Amras

I thought I should make a new news entry, just to say hi. ^^
For those of you who don't watch us on facebook I have uploaded a few new pictures in our gallery.

Facebookpage (you don't need an account to watch it)

What we are doing right now? Balancing the ships ingame and working on the last few models.


Zathras needs you!
Babylon 5 Mod
2012-11-08 at 11:01 PM - Amras
You want to help?
Ok, so here you can read about what is necessary to help us.
We don't currently need a translater, or anyone who can script missions and no betatesters.
What we needed most of all are people who can do the ship models (+ textures), stations, planets and nebula textures.
Also welcome are people who can compose music for the sectors. And therefore music that is meant to sound like B5 and you should also be able to listen to it in a loop for a few times, without having to turn the speakers down. Are you only able to import models from MAX into the game? As long as it's done properly, and you can also take care of textures, great, we can use your help.
You can make sketches of great new Babylon 5 style ships which really fit into the B5 Universe and enthuse us all? Great, we can also use your help.
Are you able to make the sectors in X3? Planets, asteroids, placing stations, etc. And you can fit nebula textures to the background? Please help us!
Until we have completed these things, there is not need for anything else.
You can make your models with MAX or C4D. Or any other 3D program as long as you can export into a file format like *.fbx or *.obj.
In this chart you can see which models we still need.
Try to make ships and stations of races that we have just a few models of currently.
Please try to stay close to the designs of Mongoose or sketches that you can find here
or here
The Internet is full of ideas that might fit well into the B5 Universe.
If you have your own concepts, you can show them to us and we will consider together whether they really fit or not. Or how we can modify them.
The most important thing is to work tidy!
That is, with as little polygons as possible and as many as necessary.
If something is so small that you will almost never see it even when the ship is filling your screen, it also does not need a lot of subdivisions.
Surfaces which face inwards like the rear end of an antenna, you will never be able to see and you can delete it.
You have on one side of the ship a box standing out and symmetrically on the other side too? Then just put a bar through the middle of the ship that is looking out on both sides. So you can save again 4 rectangular polygons, or 8 triangles!
If there is a small detail that is repeated several times, you will save tons of polygons. There are so much more of these tricks to save unnecessary polygons. Be creative! (And use the Boolean function as rare as possible.^^)
Here you can find a chart with the polygon count of the respective classes of ships and stations:
We often use tileable textures where possible . So you should try to texture your model with as many textures that already exist in the mod and limit any new textures.
When you are working with C4D, you don't need to texture because this must be repeated in MAX anyway. Only if your model has a UVmap, should you take care of the textures in C4D. (eg. For organic vessels)
If you build stations, make sure that large ships are able to fly to the docking point without obstacles in their way. The hangars for small vessels should be large enough and have a clear flight path. If you're not sure that it will work, ask us!
You will find many places where you can see how we are working, how our models are build and that we all had to start somewhere.
Our gallery:
Our FB gallery:
and DeviantArt:
You want to help, but have to learn first how to build ships in 3D or how to import ships in X3? Then please search in the appropriate 3DForum and the Egosoftforum for tutorials. We don't have much time for that too.
Too often we have taken our time for this and after one or two models he has then stopped and was never be seen again...
And this is especially important. Nobody asked you to make one model after another. You should not sacrifice your free time for it. Just make one from time to time . We do the same, otherwise we would have long ago lost the desire.
The whole thing is just a hobby, and hobbies are meant to be fun!
And if I have to read it again, that someone is upset about the fact that we're not done, where they were watching us for the past 5 years, watching and waiting, then I'll come in person and kick his lazy ass!

Du willst helfen?
Also gut, hier schreiben wir nun ein für alle mal was nötig ist damit du uns helfen kannst.

Wir brauchen keinen Übersetzer, keinen Missionscripter oder Tester.
Was wir immer noch am aller nötigsten brauchen sind Leute die Schiffsmodelle(+Texturen), Stationen, Planeten- und Nebeltexturen machen können.
Gern gesehen sind auch Leute, die passende Sektorenmusik komponieren können. Und damit ist Musik gemeint, die sich nach B5 anhört und die man auch in einer Endlosschleife ein paar mal anhören kann, ohne genervt die Boxen leiser drehen zu müssen.
Du bist nur in der Lage Modelle von MAX in das Spiel zu importieren? So lange das ordentlich gemacht wird und du dich auch um Texturen kümmern kannst, fein, wir können deine Hilfe gebrauchen.
Du kannst Skizzen machen von tollen neuen Babylon5 Schiffen die wirklich ins B5 Uni passen und die alle begeistern? Super, auch deine Hilfe können wir gebrauchen.
Du bist in der Lage die Sektoren in X3 zu gestalten? Planeten, Asteroiden, Stationen usw. zu platzieren und den Hintergrund mit der passenden Nebeltextur zu versehen? Bitte hilf uns!
Bevor wir diese Dinge nicht abgeschlossen haben, gibt es für alles andere keine sinnvolle Verwendung!

Du kannst deine Modelle mit MAX oder C4D erstellen. Oder mit jedem anderen 3D Programm das in der Lage ist in die Formate *.fbx oder *.obj zu exportieren.
Welche Modelle wir brauchen, kannst du selbstständig in dieser Tabelle nachsehen:
Suche die am besten Modelle von Rassen aus, von denen wir noch sehr wenig haben.
Bitte halte dich dabei an Vorgaben wie die Designs von Mongoose oder Skizzen die du zb. Hier
oder hier findest. Das Internet ist voll von Ideen die auch ins B5 Uni passen könnten.
Wenn du eigenen Ideen hast, kannst du sie uns gerne vorstellen und wir überlegen dann zusammen ob sie wirklich passen oder wie man sie noch abändern könnte.

Das aller Wichtiges ist aber, sauber zu arbeiten!
Das heißt mit so wenig Polygonen wie möglich und so vielen wie nötig.
Ist etwas so klein, dass man es so gut wie nie sieht wenn man das Schiff bildschirmfüllend vor sich hat, dann braucht es auch nicht viele Unterteilungen.
Flächen die nach innen zeigen wie zb das hintere Ende einer Antenne, wird man nie sehen können und können darum gelöscht werden.
Du hast auf der einen Seite des Schiffes ein Rechteck herausstehen und auf der anderen Seite spiegelsymmetrisch ebenfalls? Dann lege einfach einen Balken mitten durchs Schiff der auf beiden Seiten rausschaut. Damit spart man schon wieder 4 Rechteckpolygone, also 8 Dreiecke! Wenn das ein kleines Detail ist, welches sich mehrmals wiederholt, wird man Unmengen an Polygone sparen.
Es gibt noch viel mehr solcher Tricks um unnötige Polygone zu sparen. Sei kreativ!
(Und benutze so selten die Boolean Funkion wie es geht.)
Hier findest du eine Tabelle mit der Polygonanzahl der jeweiligen Schiffsklassen und Stationen

Wir benutzen so oft und so viel wie möglich kachelbare Texturen. Also versuche dein Modell mit möglichst vielen, schon im Mod vorhanden Texturen zu belegen.
Wenn du mit C4D arbeitest, kannst du dir das texturieren sparen, denn dann muss dies sowieso meistens in MAX wiederholt werden. Nur wenn dein Model eine UVmap hat, solltest du dich auch in C4D um die Textur kümmern. (zb. Bei organischen Schiffen)

Wenn du Stationen baust, achte darauf, dass große Schiffe geradeaus, ohne Hindernisse, auf den Dockingpunkt zufliegen können. Auch die Hangars für die kleinen Schiffe, sollten groß genug sein und eine freie Einflugschneise haben. Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, ob funktioniert was du gebaut hast, frag nach!

Du kannst dir an vielen Stellen ansehen wie wir arbeiten, wie unsere Modelle aufgebaut sind und wie auch wir mal kleine angefangen haben:
Unsere Galerie:
Unsere FB Galerie:
und DeviantArt:

Du willst helfen, musst aber erst lernen wie man Schiffe in 3D erstellt oder wie man Schiffe in X3 importiert? Dann such bitte im passenden 3D- und im Egosoftforum nach Tutorials.
Wir haben dafür nicht auch noch die Zeit. Zu oft haben wir uns Zeit dafür genommen, nur damit derjenige dann nach ein oder zwei Modellen wieder aufgehört hat.

Und dies ist auch besonders wichtig. Niemand verlangt von dir, ein Modell nach dem anderen zu zaubern. Du sollst nicht deine gesamte Freizeit dafür opfern. Mache lieber ab und zu eins, wenn du wirklich Lust hast darauf hast. Wir halten das genau so. Sonst hätte wir schon längst die Lust verloren.
Das ganze ist nur ein Hobby, und Hobbys sollen Spaß bringen!

Und wenn ich noch einmal lesen muss, wie sich jemand darüber aufregt, dass wir noch nicht fertig sind, wo er uns doch schon seit 5 Jahren zuschaut und wartet, dann komme ich persönlich vorbei und trete ihm in seinen faulen Hintern!

Maintenance 04/07/12 - New Date 05/07/12 - Done
2012-07-04 at 6:49 PM - Xell
Tomorrow we will have a planned downtime for maintenance. It is possible that you get some error messages after the site is back online. If you got those error messages, just clear your browser cache.



I can't do the maintenance today as planned. The maintenance will be Thursday 05/07/12.

Maintenance done. If you got error messages, try to clear your browser cache.

If you find any wrong/missing/error thing, please contact us Mail

There is a problem with the website (login) cookie.

It's a browser made problem, because there was a change in the cookie file and you need to delete your old cookie in your browser settings.After this, it works again. Thanks!

We ain't dead!
Babylon 5 Mod
2012-03-29 at 8:52 PM - Amras
We are still working even if the progress is very slow.^^
To lighten up your waiting time:

Bigger version:

ClaudiaCon Premier ;)
Babylon 5 Mod
2011-08-11 at 9:07 PM - SAVOTW
I'm pleased to announce that MetalVenom has made another trailer video for us. It shows a great mixture of in-game material, some of it not seen before.
It will Premier at the ClaudiaCon event this Weekend in London where Foxpur will be representing us and also featuring Claudia Christian, showing this video and a host of other material. If your lucky enough to be going then you'll be the first to see it
The rest of us poor souls will have to wait till Sunday evening when it will appear on our 'Youtube' area.

Remember the vid will only go up on Youtube after the event so Sunday evening at the earliest


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